Saturday, 6 February 2016

Germany - Hamburg 'Rote Flora' - #17

Postcrossing ID : DE - 4938989

Card information : The postcard is a nice Black and White street photo of the Rota Flora, a former theatre in the Sternschanze quarter in Hamburg.

I received this card from Gabi and she writes...

"Wish : Black & White. Dear Nico, here you can see the building 'Rota Flora'. It is a cinema in Hamburg. This building is also used for exhibitions. It looks like a twin. It is not an old picture. It is in reality. It is used a lot ! Regards Gabi."

The stamp is a simple purple flower

U.S.A. - Sports - #16

Postcrossing ID : US - 3811120

Card information : The postcard is about sports and shows us all different kinds of sports material from baseball bats to tennis rackets... I don't like this card very much, I can't explain but it looks a bit childish to me :-(

I received this card from Shabanna and she writes...

"Hello ! From Springfield Missouri - USA. Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Sincerely, Shabanna."

As much as I dislike the card, I like the 6 stamps A LOT ! 6 Very nice stamps attached to the card in a very nice way also. Fully around my address...

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Germany - thirteen - #15

Postcrossing ID : DE - 4938999

Card information : The postcard is a simple house number, actually it's the same as my real house number

I received this card from Dorothee and she writes...

"Hello Nico ! Happy postcrossing from Dusseldorf ! My favorit book is 'Siddhartha' by Hermann Hess, an indian poetry ! I hope you like this card with your house number. My number is 13, too! Best wishes, Dorothee."

The stamps are 2 colourfull flowers, and a nice stamp showing Germany as world champions football in 2014 !

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Netherlands - Stationsplein en Slagveld Rotterdam - #14

Postcrossing ID : NL - 3304890

Card information : The postcard is a reproduction of a very old picture taken in Rotterdam, with a typical windmill.

I received this card from Ria and she writes...

"Hello Nico, greetings from Rotterdam the city where I live and work. Nowadays is Rotterdam a modern city with a beautifull new train station. The postcard show how it was in the past. Ria"

The stamp shows us a cow in blue. I also like the clear 'Rotterdam' stamp so the whole card is in the Rotterdam theme :-)

Finland - Tramstop in Mikonkatu in 1971 - #13

Postcrossing ID : FI - 2615628

Card information : I like this card a lot, it's show a 1971 tram stop scene in Finland. It's a real street photography picture which are my favourites.

I received this card from Pirjo and she writes...

"Hei, Here is very Finnish weather : raining steet. Now we have snow but the forecast says it'll raining this week. I love landscape covered by snow. It makes like winter wonderland ! Happy everyday ! PIRJO !

The stamps are funny. The first show a picture of a mailbox which is in theme with postcrossing. The other one has a funny shape like a cross.

Austria - Karlskirche Wien - #12

Postcrossing ID : AT - 258618

Card information : A real black and white photo of the Karlskirche in Vienna. I like the picture a lot, although this isn't a real postcard and that's a pity. The photo is glued on a folded card :-(

I received this card from Marijane and she writes...

"Hello Nico I hope you like this black & white picture of the famous Karlskirche (St. Karls Church) in Vienna. Nog een prettige dag. Marijane."

No stamp because this folded card was send in an envelope :-(

Friday, 29 January 2016

Netherlands - Full fridge - #11

Postcrossing ID : NL - 3304892

Card information : A very nice black and white card showing us a housewife who's proud of her filled fridge

I received this card from José and she writes...

"Hello Nico, my hobby is baking cakes and yes also eat them. I read you speak French. I followed French lessons but it's a difficult language. Greetings from Holland. José."

The stamp is a nothing special. Silver coloured head of the King.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Russia - traditional food - #10

Postcrossing ID : RU - 4357027

Card information : A 'still life' of tradional food

I received this card from Anna and she writes...

"Hello Nico ! My name is Anna, I live in Moscow and I work in finance. I love reading, running and travelling. I enjoy reading books by Peter Hoeg and by Somerset Maugham. I dream about running a marathon on each continent. Have a good day, Anna."

Both stamps are showing traditional Russian buildings.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Finland - Black Swan - #9

Postcrossing ID : FI - 2609313

Card information : A nice black and white photo of a black swan.

I received this card from Aulikki and she writes...

"Hello Nico, Winter greetings from Finland. It is now very cold -23° also here in Southern Finland. My name is Aulikki and have been retired for 9 years, but still 'going strong'. Best regards."

The stamp is also in Black and White (my favourite colours) and show us a handsome man.

Germany - Berlin Viersektorenstadt - #8

Postcrossing ID : DE - 4914227

Card information : A nice black and white photo taken in 1961 August 15th at Checkpoint Charlie.

I received this card from Willi and he writes...

"Hello Nico, greetings from Germany ! Can't write with hand, arm was Multi-broken. My name is Wilhelm and I live with my wife Jutta and our dog Monty in small village Riepe, word at the VW-Passat-Factory in Emdem. 9000 workers make 1250 cars every day. One of your favs, a soldier of the East German Army jumps into the west part of Berlin. Have a perfect time !!! Willi"

The stamp is a nice evening picture of the skyline of Dresden.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Belarus - A basket full of flowers - #7

Postcrossing ID : BY - 1813070

Card information : A very colourfull card showing a basket full of colours and a lot of golden butterflies.

I received this card from Ludmila and she writes...

"Hello Nico ! Greetings from Belarus ! My name is Ludmila. I live in Gomel. I like reading books, watch movies and collect postcards. Welcome to Belarus. Happy postcrossing ! Goodbye ! Thank you postman, a postwoman !"

The stamp is a very small one and shows s a small animal.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Germany - Greetings from Germany... euh Miami ? - #6

Postcrossing ID : DE - 4892586

Card information : To be honest, I don't like postcards with views from other cities than the country it's send from. This card I received from Germany and shows the Miami cruiseport and downtown in the U.S.A. ? I wonder if Germany hasn't nice cities from it's own to show to other people...

I received this card from Udo and he writes...

"Hi, here come the best wishes from Germany. Wish you all the best. Udo"

At least the stamp tells me something interesting about Germany. It's a nice photo of the Möhnestalsperre. A 100 year old dam with nice towers on it.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

U.S.A. - Kansas the sunflower state - #5

Postcrossing ID : US - 3758501

Card information : The card shows of the map of the state Kansas. On the back we get to know more about this state. "Kansas, located in the Heartland of the U.S. occupies more than 82.000 square miles. It's highest point is Mount Sunflower in western Kansas at 4,039 feet. Major industries are agriculture, food processing, aviation, minerals and fuels.

I received this card from Shirlee and she writes...

"Greetings from Kansas/USA ! I live in the capital city of Topeka, population 122,000. Kansas is located almost in the center of the USA. Best wishes to you and happy Postcrossing ! Shirlee Jan2, 2016"

Shirlee has chosen very nice stamps for this cards, a heart shaped symbol, 2 birds and a fancy Tiffany lamps.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Taiwan - Bus stop... - #4

Postcrossing ID : TW - 1819364

Card information : The card is a very strange photo of a bus stop near Fort Dix, New Jersey, taken in 1951.

I received this card from Yeh and she writes...

"Hello Nico, Greeting from North of Taiwan. I love movie. I watched 'The Danish Girl' not bad to watch. Wish you have a great new year. :-)"

The stamp is a very large one (11cm x 7,5cm). Totally in pink colours showing 2 goats.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Germany - Almost graduating... - #3

Postcrossing ID : DE - 4873998

Card information : The card is from a postcrosser in Germany, although she sends me a postcard showing LE PUY in the Haute-Loire in France.

I received this card from Jennifer and she writes...

"Hi Nico and welcome to Postcrossing ! I'm Jennifer, 19 years old, from Ennepetal in Germany. I a few months I'll graduate from school and start studying. My favourite author is Ken Follett, but my favourite book is 'The Swarm' by Frank Schätzing. All the best. Jennifer."

The stamp is a lot of text and a tribute to Julius Robert von Mayer a German physician, chemist and physicist and one of the founders of thermodynamics.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Spain - Barcelona Casa Batllo - #2

Postcrossing ID : ES - 388239

Card information : The card is a nice Black and White picture of the Casa Batllo in Barcelona

I received this card from Marta and she writes...

"HELLO NICO ! My name is Marta. I'm 24 and I live in Barcelona where I'm studying pharmacy at university. I hope you like this black and white postcard from my favourite building from my favourite city the Batllo house. I hope you enjoy your day and have a great holiday season."

The stamps on the postcard are very nice too. Showing us some statues from the MUSEO LAZARO GALDIANO and the other one is for the CENTENARIO DE SANTA TERESA DE JESUS.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Netherlands - Who let the dogs out - #1

Postcrossing ID : NL - 3277086

Card information : Rotterdam Architecture (1948-1952)

I received this card from Lenie and she writes...

"Hi, I hope you enjoy this card. I live in Rotterdam. Greetz Lenie"

The stamp contains a typical Dutch bike and the stamp is quite funny ! It says "Writing tells you more".